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Motion Picture, Television and Photographic Production Permit


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  • Step One

    1. Application and Ordinance Info

      A film permit is required for producing, taking or making any motion picture, television production or photographic production. The film permit must be submitted to the City ten (10) business days prior to the shoot. A film permit application fee of $250 must be submitted with the application. The application must be signed and accompanied by all required fees, deposits, hold harmless agreement and insurance certificates required before any permit will be considered for approval. Once an application has been reviewed, a staff member will reach out with any questions or concerns.

      Relevant ordinances 

      City of Avondale Estates Motion Picture, Television and Photographic Production Ordinance

      • City of Avondale Estates Disturbance of the Peace Ordinance 12.4:

      Disturbance of the Peace: 

      Disturbing the peace; public streets and single family residential areas.  

      Disturbing the peace; commercial areas. 

      If you have questions regarding the permit process, please do not hesitate to contact City Hall at 404-294-5400.