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Service Request Forms

  1. Animal Concern

    Submit concerns about animals, domestic or wild.

  2. City Park Maintenance

    Report park maintenance issues.

  3. City Website

    Provide feedback regarding the City of Avondale Estates website.

  4. Potholes

    Report potholes on City streets.

  5. Property Maintenance

    Report unsightly or dangerous property in Avondale Estates.

  6. Special Pickup Request

    Submit a request for the City to pick up and dispose of large or special items. Effective August 3, 2020 a fee of $50 for the first ton... More…

  7. Tree or Shrub Trimming

    Report a tree/shrub on City right-of-way or property that may need trimming.

  1. Barking Dog

    Report a barking dog in your neighborhood.

  2. City Staff and/or Service Feedback

    Provide feedback on City services and/or staff.

  3. Missed Sanitation Collection

    Report a missed garbage, recycling or yard trimmings collection.

  4. Property Code Violation

    Report property code issues such as code violations and public nuisances.

  5. Request for Security Check

    The Avondale Estates Police Department encourages all residents to complete a Security Check Form when going out of town.

  6. Submit Comments to City Hall