What are the proposed projects?

Four projects are proposed or in development for city/DDA-owned properties:  

Project 1: 
Town Green Market Development:
In January of 2023, the DDA unanimously approved the development contract for a 24,000-square-foot mixed-use commercial development being built by the development team of Fabric Developers, LLC and Healey Weatherholtz Properties. The development, now called The Dale, consists of two adjacent two-story buildings fronting the Town Green next to the open-air market pavilion along N. Avondale Road. In addition to at least two restaurants, the new buildings will include a rooftop bar and event space on the second level overlooking the park, retail opportunities fronting N. Avondale Road, and second-floor space devoted to a variety of tenants including co-working or office space. Restroom facilities will be available to the public during the Town Green’s operating hours. Construction is on track to begin in the last quarter of 2023 or early 2024. 

Project 2: 
Townhome Community
: Proposed by Fabric Developers, this residential townhome community is comprised of approximately 10 live/work units located along Lake Street and Franklin Street across from the Town Green. Unit size is projected to be between 2,500-3,000 square feet. This project is contingent on the development of a public/private parking deck. When the townhomes are built, they will provide active use along the park edge and camouflage the deck.  

Project 3:
Boutique Hote
l: This development at the corner of N. Avondale Road and Lake Street includes a 90-room, full-service, boutique hotel with ground-floor retail and a public roof-top restaurant and/or bar. The project is in the early concept phase as the potential developer completes due diligence to understand the design and financing alternatives for the project.   

Project 4:
Parking Deck: A 185-space public/private parking deck that will support the developments mentioned above, local businesses and visitors to the Town Green is proposed at the intersection of Lake and Franklin Streets in the rear of the proposed hotel property. Most of the parking spaces in this four-story deck will be reserved for public use to meet the demands of visitors to the park and the adjacent restaurants. A limited number of spaces will be dedicated to the live-work units and the hotel.

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1. What are the proposed projects?
2. Why are these projects good for the City? As a resident, what’s in it for me?
3. Is there a hotel group associated with the boutique hotel and what size will it be?
4. Is this a done deal?
5. Who is approving the design of these buildings?
6. What are the financial implications?
7. How are you going to fund a parking deck that is reserved for the public?
8. Are the live-work units going to require a public investment?
9. Does the hotel need additional public investment?
10. What is the proposed structure for these public-private partnerships?
11. What is the timeline and current status of the projects?