Downtown Master Plan

Public Meeting Documentation

U.S. Route 278 Road Diet Concept Plan Meeting
Since gathering community feedback from Build-An-Intersection Day in December 2014, the City’s planning and engineering consultant team has been refining a U.S. Route 278 redesign concept plan. The concept plan aims to protect the City’s sense of place while making the corridor more aesthetically pleasing and safer for pedestrians, bicyclists and motorists.

Priority Project

The consultant team and City staff presented the concept plan and associated research at a City Hall public meeting on Thursday, March 19, 2015, with time for public comment.The U.S. 278 redesign was identified as a priority project in the March 2014 Downtown Master Plan Update, and could include a road diet from Ashton Place to Sam's Crossing and intersection improvements at U.S. 278 and North Clarendon Avenue.

Build-An-Intersection Day
On Saturday, December 6, 2014, the City of Avondale Estates hosted Build-An-Intersection Day to demonstrate a road diet and roundabout proposed in the Downtown Master Plan Update. The end goals include improved pedestrian/bicycle safety and overall aesthetics.


The City received a grant from the Atlanta Regional Commission (ARC) to further study the redesign of U.S. Route 278 (East College Avenue, North Avondale Road, North Avondale Plaza, Covington Road) from Ashton Place to Sams Crossing.

Visualizing Changes
As part of the grant, the proposed roadway changes were set up on the street so people could visualize the impact. The demonstration was temporary in nature using cones, flags and chalk, among other materials.

  • The day started with an open house from 10 to 11:30 a.m. at City Hall, where the community participated in interactive exercises to learn more about the proposed project.
  • After the open house, volunteers went outside to the demonstration intersection of North Avondale Road and North Clarendon Avenue and assisted in the project setup in front of the Tudor Village.
  • The City encouraged the community to watch the demonstration to better understand the proposed project.
Feasibility Study Background
In January 2014, the ARC announced it would award the City with a grant to conduct a Feasibility Study to determine the best design for U.S. 278. This study builds off of recommendations from the Downtown Master Plan Update and provides additional community input and technical expertise specifically dealing with U.S. 278, including the intersection at U.S. 278 and Clarendon Avenue.

Implementation Funding

To apply for implementation funding, the Feasibility Study and associated report have to be completed to Georgia Department of Transportation standards.

Firm Completing the Study
The City received 3 proposals from professional firms to complete the Feasibility Study, and all applicants had ample transportation experience. Based on the established criteria and quality of proposal, the staff recommended Nelson\Nygaard as the firm selection. The Board of Mayor and Commissioners voted to approve the selection in June 2014. View the awarded proposal (PDF).

The City's Feasibility Study ARC Grant amounted to $50,000, with a total project cost of $62,500 including the City's required 20% match. View the City's November 2013 ARC applications for the: