Code Enforcement

Code enforcement plays a critical role in maintaining the character and safety of the community. Though most individuals abide by regulations and rules, some may be unaware of codes or choose to ignore them altogether. City codes are designed to address issues such as overgrown properties, unsecured buildings, stormwater violations, zoning and sign regulations, and failure to obtain necessary permits. The code enforcement team ensures that people are aware of and comply with regulations, which helps protect the quality of life for all residents. The team conducts routine inspections, educates property owners and residents on code requirements, and responds to citizen code violation complaints.

Detective A. Powdrill
Investigations and Code Enforcement
City of Avondale Estates Police Department
Phone: 470-792-5180

Tommie Patterson
Code Enforcement and Stormwater
City of Avondale Estates
Phone: 404-692-9307
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Property Code Violation

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