To have a police officer or other first responder dispatched to your location, please call 911 for both emergency and non-emergency situations.

To have a first responder dispatched to an Avondale Estates address when you are in a different city, call 678-406-7929. Residents of Avondale Estates or unincorporated DeKalb County should still call 911 in this situation.

City Hall 
21 North Avondale Plaza
Avondale Estates, Ga. 30002

A Message From Chief Lynn Thomas

The officers of the Avondale Estates Police Department (AEPD) welcome you to the City. AEPD officers are professionals who take pride in the community, the service that they provide and the profession that they have chosen to embrace. The department believes that the components of professional law enforcement include the enforcement of law, protection of life and property and public service with the emphasis being placed on public service. It is also the AEPD's opinion that it is vital to keep an open line of communication with the public.

Lynn Thomas
Chief of Police 
Email: lthomas@avondaleestates.org

Mission Statement

The mission of the Avondale Estates Police Department is to enforce the law, maintain public order and provide for the safety of the community. The manner in which these duties are carried out will be effective, responsive and fair. The Department is committed to a community-oriented policing philosophy that demands its officers to adhere to the highest degree of integrity and professionalism.

Concerns, Comments or Suggestions

If you have any concerns, comments or suggestions that may assist the AEPD in enhancing the quality of their service, please do not hesitate to contact them at 404-294-5410 or by email, lthomas@avondaleestates.org.

Avondale Estates Police Car

How To Get Involved