Please help keep Public Works crews safe. The City of Avondale Estates offers unparalleled sanitation and leaf collection services with backdoor pick-up service. .. 

To keep crews safe and services running smoothing, particularly during the COVID-19 pandemic, the crews are practicing social distancing as much as possible, wearing masks, and using hand sanitizer regularly. The shifts are also staggered to ensure continuity of service should illness strike.

We need you to be particularly diligent in doing your part to help us succeed.

  • All trash must be bagged and inside receptacles by 7 a.m. on your scheduled pick up days.
  • Loose trash will not be collected and if it is on top of bagged trash, none of it will be collected. It is your responsibility to washout the trashcans when needed and not the crew’s.
  • Some items are not eligible for collection, including building debris, hazardous materials, or prohibited items such as vehicle tires, paint, etc.
  • Dogs and other pets must be inside the house or otherwise enclosed.
  • Gates and other enclosures between crews and the garbage must be unlocked. Inaccessible receptacles will remain uncollected.
  • Use appropriately labeled boxes when throwing away sharp items, including syringes, needles, broken glass, etc.
  • Ensure that your yard waste only includes leaves and sticks that have been broken down to no more than 3-feet and things like bricks, large sticks, or pumpkins are not hidden in leaf piles.
  • Remember social distancing guidelines when greeting crews. While we all want to say hello or even deliver special gifts (which are very much appreciated), the current health situation makes such interactions a higher risk. A wave, smile, or similar gesture goes a long way during this time.

To better manage your request and complaints, please use the report form on the City's website. Please do not call our City employee’s cell phones. Picking up a call on a cell phone, makes it difficult to track an whether issue has gotten addressed.

Thank you for your cooperation and patience as we all navigate these times.

Informational Documents

  • Learn more about recycling here
  • Fill out a Special Pickup Request form for pickup of large items, appliances, furniture, yard debris, etc.