Greenspace Advisory Committee

Greenspace Advisory Committee members serve as advocates, educators, doers and advisors on greenspace projects and programs that protect, preserve, maintain and enhance trees, parks, greenspace and landscaping on public property within the city of Avondale Estates. 


The Greenspace Advisory Committee: 

  1. Assists city staff with public education and outreach related to greenspace. 
  2. Supports and advocates for greenspace initiatives. 
  3. Provides written recommendations to the city manager on an annual basis on matters including, but limited to, the following topics: 
    1. Annual plan for preserving, pruning, planning, replanning, removal or disposition of trees in city parks, rights of way and other public areas; and 
    2. Annual greenspace report including tree canopy metrics. 
  4. At each of its quarterly regular meetings, the committee shall adopt written comments and recommendations to the city manager addressing the following topics (if applicable): 
    1. greenspace progress reports; 
    2. any issues concerning greenspace that come from public input and rise to a level of concern for the board; 
    3. any matter that impacts water quality, fish, or waterfowl populations of Lake Avondale; and 
    4. any recommendations for improvements to parks and recreation facilities that may have come to the committee’s attention during the preceding quarter. 
  5. Makes written recommendations to the Board of Mayor and Commissioners as needed regarding the appropriateness of the location, plant materials, and/or furniture in connection with any substantial proposed change or improvement, including but not limited to memorials, to be located on city greenspace. 
  6. Reviews and provides comments to the Board of Mayor and Commissioners on any special matter or question when requested by the governing body. 
  7. Assists the city manager with the planning and implementing community-wide tree planting, landscaping and maintenance events. 
  8. Reviews and provides written recommendations to the city manager and Board of Mayor and Commissioners regarding city park and recreation needs and design and the improvement of existing and development of new public space. 


The committee consists of five (5) members appointed by the Board of Mayor and Commissioners for a four-year term. 

Members shall be residents of the city and possess education and/or experience in at least one of the following disciplines or subjects:

  • landscape architecture, 
  • park planning,
  • landscape design,
  • horticulture, 
  • master gardening,
  • native plant/tree expertise,
  • environmental management,
  • environmental engineering, 
  • or a related field.