Open a New Business

The City of Avondale Estates welcomes prospective business owners to join the City's vibrant and eclectic business community. The first Waffle House opened its doors here in 1955, and the City is home to popular craft breweries and an array of restaurants and shops, many of which are within walking distance of each other.

The guide pictured on this page gives prospective business owners a glimpse into the process of opening a new business in Avondale Estates. Download and save the guide as a high-resolution PDF.

Since every case is different, business owners are encouraged to begin the process by contacting the City Finance Officer:
Anneta Adams Heyliger
404-294-5400 x206

Businesses seeking to renew a license should also contact the Finance Officer for information on tax rates and renewal deadlines.

Documents cited in the guide are listed below. View a more comprehensive list of City applications, forms and ordinances that may be relevant when trying to open a business in Avondale Estates.

Guide to Opening a New Business

Guide to Opening a New Business

Documents Related to Opening a New Business