Street and Light Banner Guidelines and Policy

The purpose of the City of Avondale Estates Banner Policy is to allow the placement of banners select locations owned by the City of Avondale Estates (the “City”). The purpose of the banner program is to add vibrancy and color to the City’s streetscape while promoting special events, community identity, and other cultural or recreational activities of benefit to the City. The City reserves the right to determine whether a banner is eligible for placement on City street poles or in designated locations under this Policy. The City is not responsible for lost, stolen or damaged banners after they are hung.

The City will accept applications for a permit to display street banners only from non-profit organizations, community organizations, city and county government, the State of Georgia, or from other governmental entities. Banners may be obtained only for:

(1) special events, cultural activities, or permitted recreational activities;

(2) special events, cultural activities or recreational activities sponsored by the City;

(3) special events, cultural or recreational activities that are held within the City and the City of Avondale Estates may pre-empt use of the poles for a City banner at any time.

Banners are not to be used for commercial advertising, display of personal messages, promotion of a commercial or profit enterprise, or to advertise or promote political candidates, parties, or issues. 
Advertising of a specific product or products shall not be placed on banners. However, the name or logo of a business or corporation sponsoring the event may be included on a banner provided that such name or logo is no larger than ¼ of the total banner size and provided that the term “Presented by” or “Sponsored by” is included with the sponsor name or logo. Phone numbers or website addresses providing information about a special event may be allowed if such an item is no larger than ¼ of the total banner size. All banner designs should be artistic in nature, graphically or symbolically representing the subject/purpose of the event. Banners can include text for dates, activities, logos, and/or title of the event.

Physical Guidelines for Banners:

Ground Banners must be between three (3) feet in height and six (6) feet in length. Pole banners should measure exactly 4 feet tall by 2 feet. Please call ahead to confirm the number of pole banner sites available, as there are a limited number. Downtown Development Authority and other City functions have priority over these locations. 

  • Approved banner material includes acrylic (10 oz. per square yard with reinforced webbing), nylon (4 oz. per square yard with reinforced webbing), cotton canvas (10 oz. per square yard), and other fabrics with equivalent strength.

One-half (1/2) inch inside diameter metal grommets are to be placed at all four corners of the banner and half-moon cuts must be made in banners to allow for proper airflow to prevent ripping and/or tearing.

Banners may not include reflective material, flashing or moving parts, streamers, balloons, flares, pennants, twirlers, or similar attention-getting devices.

  • The City may withdraw approval of a banner if, upon receipt of the banners, they are found not to comply with content, design and/or construction requirements as defined in this policy.

Placement and Removal:

  • Ground banner locations are limited to:
    • Corner of N. Avondale Road/S. Avondale Plaza (Across from the Clock Tower)
    • Intersection of Kensington Rd. and Berkeley Rd. (Large triangle) for events at the Avondale Community Club
    • Corner of E. College Avenue and Sam’s Crossing
    • Covington Highway northwest of Kensington Road (Greenspace on the northwest side of the intersection)
  • Public Works shall determine the best method for the placement and removal of banners, either through City staff or outside vendors, and shall establish procedures and fees to support the related costs.
  • Public Works or their designees shall be the only persons permitted to hang or install banners. No other individual or group should attempt to display, move, or otherwise adjust the banners.
  • Banners will only be displayed for a maximum of two weeks before the event, regardless of solicitation for ticket sales, sponsorships, etc. The City may limit the maximum period for banners at prime locations, if multiple overlapping requests are received. Certain exemptions may apply on a case by case basis.
  • All attempts to display approved banners on the decided upon date will be made, but inclement weather or unforeseen circumstances can delay this process.
  • Banners must be picked up from City Hall no later than five business days after the pull down date or the banners will be disposed of or recycled.

Approval Process:

  • An application for banner placement can be found online at
  • It is suggested that all banner applications and requests be made before printing of banners.
  • Banner placement is first come, first served, no reservations are required or allowed.