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1. How do I report a solid waste complaint?
2. How can I report a gas leak?
3. How can I report a water leak?
4. I'm a new resident. Who should I call to establish sanitation services?
5. My recycle bin has been damaged or removed. How can I get another one?
6. Who can I contact to have a pothole repaired?
7. How do I get a bulb in a streetlight replaced?
8. How can I have a tree limb that is obstructing a sidewalk, traffic sign, street light, or other public right-of-way trimmed or removed?
9. I have a dead tree on the public right-of-way in front of my house. Will the City remove the tree?
10. How can I dispose of used motor oil, engine coolant or other household hazardous wastes and recyclable materials?
11. How can I report a code violation?