Shape Avondale Estates - Zoning Ordinance Rewrite

A clear, well-organized Zoning Ordinance is an essential tool to ensure that development conforms to the vision of the community. As the guiding document, the Shape Avondale Estates Zoning Ordinance Rewrite sets the direction for staff and City officials to develop and maintain a high-quality built environment. This rewrite will focus on codifying the vision, goals and objectives of other City plans; incorporating zoning best practices; and addressing development-related concerns unique to the City. In addition, the plan will explore new and innovative strategies to address current code deficiencies and create connections between the Zoning Ordinance and the City’s long-range planning documents.

Public participation is the foundation for any planning effort; and therefore, variety in involvement opportunities ensures active and widespread participation. This is especially true with zoning regulations, which impact a wide-variety of stakeholders including residents, business owners and visitors. Rewrite processes are notorious for low community interest, due in part to the traditional lack of visual appeal and procedural monotony.      

Recognizing these important needs and conditions, the planning process welcomes and seeks input from the broad spectrum of users and interests to inspire consistent and meaningful feedback throughout the process. In addition, the public involvement team will make special efforts to engage those populations who are often underrepresented in the planning process.  

Check back often for draft documents, project updates, and upcoming input opportunities to share your feedback and Shape Avondale Estates.