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Holiday Spirit Awards Entry

  1. Instructions

    Enter your family or business name (this is what will be listed on the ballot and in publications if you are the winner). Let us know what category you think best describes your creation. Please note that some categories will have more competition than others. Then send us one picture to share with voters.
    Sparkle and Pizazz – homes with the most artistic and creative use of lights or animation
    Avondale Elegance – elegantly displayed décor in the yard and the home interior and exterior, as seen from the street. A Southern Living/Martha Stewart effect
    Children’s Appeal – decorations that children like the most
    Business Award – for the most creative, original display of holiday cheer by a business

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  3. One photo only and make sure it is the exterior of your home. This should be a photo of what people will see when driving or walking by your home.

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