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Application for Board or Commission Appointment


    Citizens provide a great insight and knowledge to city government. An avenue that the city of Avondale Estates uses to get this insight is through the various boards and commissions of the city of Avondale Estates. The members of the boards and commissions make decisions and help recommend and review policies for the city of Avondale Estates and its Board of Mayor and Commissioners (BOMC). This questionnaire will assist the BOMC in the review process and in determining applicant eligibility requirements and qualifications for board or commission membership. If you have a resume, please include with your application.

  2. Questions to consider before applying for membership on a Board or Commission:

    - Do I fully understand what this board or commission expects from me?

    - Am I committed to the goals and mission of this board or commission?

    - Can I afford the demands on my time, resources and energy?

    - Will I attend meetings regularly, making them a priority for the duration of my appointment?

    - Am I willing to perform a reasonable amount of work outside of regularly scheduled board or commission meetings and prepare for each meeting?

    - Can I work effectively with the other members of the board or commission?

    - Am I willing to participate in necessary board or commission training, education and development activities that will improve my effectiveness in my position?

  3. Personal Information
  4. Preferred E-mail*
  5. Are you current will all of your financial obligations to the City?*
  6. Are you currently serving on other boards, commissions, or committees for the city of Avondale Estates?*
  7. Have you served on a board, commission, or committee for the city of Avondale Estates in the past?*
  8. Do you know of any current circumstances that would result in you having to abstain from voting on any action before the board or commission? (This is not a disqualifying item.) *
  9. Do you or your employer, or your spouse, child, immediate family member or their employers, do business with the city of Avondale Estates in the role of vendor, supplier, consultant, or other such capacity? *
  10. Do you have any employment or contractual relationship with the city of Avondale Estates that would create a continuing or frequently recurring conflict with regard to your participation on a board or commission? *
  11. Are you willing to be considered for a current or future appointment to any of the other boards or commissions of the city if a position is not available on the board or commission of your first choice?*
  12. Applicant Statement

    I understand that I am applying for appointment to a board or commission office of the city of Avondale Estates; that the appointing authority may require an interview prior to consideration for appointment; that I will be required to take an oath of office to uphold the city’s charter and ordinances; that I may be removed from office for any reason permitted by law or city charter; and that my application will remain on file for consideration for a period of six (6) months, after which time, I will need to file a new application. I agree to comply at all times with all requirements of the office for which I am applying and to which I may be appointed. All statements and information provided in this application are true to the best of my knowledge.

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