Agenda/Meeting Called to Order


Approval of Minutes


Old Business: None


New Business:


9 S. Avondale Road – Subi George – extend front roof to cover right side of the house to help prevent water/rain damage and stop water leak into basement. Subsequently, may repair and replace driveway.


23-Side Lakeshore Drive – Lee Macenczak – The proposed project for this vacant lot is the construction of a new accessory building at the rear of the lot. The lot is located between 23 Lakeshore Drive (built in 1931) and 19 Lakeshore Drive (built in 2015).


27 Clarendon Avenue – Samuel Harris -- The proposed project for this 1950 ranch consists of the replacement of six windows and replacement of siding on the side and rear elevations.


29 Clarendon Avenue – Sarah & Erik Spalvins – The proposed project for this 1950 ranch consists of (1) replacement and expansion of a front-elevation screened porch and addition of a porch arbor, (2) replacement of the rear deck with a new screened porch and deck, (3) replacement of the front walkway with a new walkway that includes steps at the sidewalk, and (4) addition of a new pathway along the side yard into the rear yard and a new rear courtyard.


63 Wiltshire Drive – Bob & Susan Stewart – Proposal for this 1951 expended ranch consists of (1) widening the existing driveway, (2) construction of retaining walls on either side of the driveway, and (3) extension of a paved strip along the driveway apron for erosion control.


77 Berkeley Road – Kristi Kolbensvik – Changes to this 1953 house would be (1) enclosure of the front-corner screened porch with windows, (2) replacement of the front porch’s wrought-iron post and railings, and (3) replacement of the house’s existing roofing.


Other items deemed appropriate for discussion