Meeting Called to Order


Approval of minutes from February 3, 2020 meeting


Old Business:


106-108 North Avondale Road – Oakhurst Realty Partners –This property was reviewed and approved by the HPC in May 2019. The owner of this property will present an architectural discovery made during the renovation process that is believed to be of historical importance.


New Business:


2 Clarendon Avenue – Susan & David Deiters – (1) replace the front portion of the existing driveway from the sidewalk to the front corner of the house. The driveway’s existing concrete is damaged and will be replaced with exposed pea gravel aggregate. The driveway will remain the same width and in the same location. (The rear portion of the existing concrete driveway will be replaced with the same concrete material; this work will be reviewed as a Minor Works project.) (2) replace the existing nonhistoric wood steps at the side entrance of the enclosed side porch. The new steps will be constructed of bricks that are original to the house.


2840 East College Avenue – Erik Haeffs for Waffle House, Inc. – Replace the existing canvas awning over the storefront with a new standing-seam metal awning.


11 South Avondale Road – Bill & Barbara Clark - (1) removal of an existing enclosed rear porch and construction of a new rear porch addition; (2) removal of a rear elevation wall and door, and relocation of a rear elevation double window; and (3) replacement of the existing concrete floor on the front porch.


6 Kensington Road – Keith Burnett - (1) construction of a new twostory garage with upstairs apartment behind the existing house, (2) extension of the driveway to the new garage, (3) demolition of an existing concrete pad and deck steps and construction of new deck steps and a connecting walkway, and (4) demolition of an existing storage building at the rear of the lot.


Other items deemed appropriate for discussion