Meeting Called to Order


Approval of minutes from February 1, 2021 regular meeting


Old Business:


21 Clarendon Avenue – Porter & Leslie Watkins - (1) enclosure of the two-car garage for livable space, (2) removal of one front-elevation window, addition of new window and door openings on the side and rear elevations of the garage, and addition of new rear elevation window and door opening, (3) replacement of all existing windows, (4) replacement of front entrance landing and steps, and (5) addition of a rear screened porch. This project is revised from the previous proposal reviewed by the HPC at the February 2021 meeting.


New Business:


44 Lakeshore Drive – Jim Knoer – (1) addition of a pool in rear yard, and (2) addition of fencing around the side and rear yard.


52 Dartmouth Avenue – Robert M. Timm – (1) replacement of vinyl siding in the middle gable end, on the front-elevation dormer, and on the second floor addition on the rear elevation, (2) replacement of deteriorated soffit and fascia sections on the roof eaves as needed, (3) replacement of wood molding around the front entrance door, (4) replacement of shutters on front-elevation windows, and (5) scraping and painting the exterior windows, soffit, and fascia.


27 Wiltshire Drive – Julia & Sam Whitehead - (1) repair of the front and side porches, (2) replacement of gutters and downspouts, and (3) replacement of the house’s windows.


16 Kingstone Road – Daphne Bond-Godfrey - (1) a second-floor addition with shed dormer on the rear elevation, (2) addition of a first-floor shed porch roof over an existing rear patio, (3) infill of one door and one window opening on the rear elevation, and (4) repair of freestanding garage. This is Phase 2 of the proposed project. Phase 1 was reviewed and approved by the HPC at the December 2020 meeting.


124 North Avondale Road – OCP Avondale – replacing two windows on the rear elevation.


Other items deemed appropriate for discussion.