Meeting Called to Order


Approval of minutes from December 3, 2018


Old Business: None


New Business:


13 Berkeley Road – Catherine Chastain – Paint the previously unpainted brick veneer on the house’s exterior walls.


74 Lakeshore Drive - Rick Blanchard for Carrie & Kevin Galpin - (1) demolishing an existing storage building, (2) constructing a new twostory garage with upstairs apartment in the same location, (3) removing a low stone retaining wall in the rear yard to make room for the new garage, and (4) repairing/replacing and expanding the rear driveway turnaround.


98 Clarendon Avenue - Susan Robertson & Luis Suazo - (1) replacing the existing front door, (2) replacing the existing front porch columns, (3) replacing all existing windows and adding a new window on the side elevation, (4) repairing exterior wood trim, (5) replacing the existing metal awning and side door at the south-side elevation stoop, (6) repairing the existing rear screened porch, and (7) replacing existing roofing.


112 Clarendon Avenue – City Garden Company - Install a new landscape design over the entire corner lot surrounding the house. Renovate brick planters along the front elevation with a new stucco finish and bluestone cap; remove the planter closest to the front stoop. Install a new 36-inch-high wooden retaining wall on the left side of the front walkway to provide a planting area.


Other items deemed appropriate for discussion: None