BOMC Special Called Work Sessions on Downtown Development

City-Owned Four Acres Map - May 2017
The Board of Mayor and Commissioners are holding monthly special called work sessions focusing on development in the Central Business District. These meetings update the community on downtown properties and upcoming development plans for the City. They are also a chance for the community to offer feedback and give input. 

Meetings are held the first Wednesday of each month from 5:30-7:30 p.m. at City Hall, 21 North Avondale Plaza, unless a conflict arises, it is a holiday or a member of the Board of Mayor and Commissioners is unavailable. All are invited to attend. 

View the process map here.
View the Avondale Estates Development Action Items here

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Meeting Dates and Topics

April 12, 2017 - Meeting Recap 

  • A consensus to start the discussion of the development of the City-owned four acres was reached. It was decided that developers would be approached to see what information they would need from the City before making proposals. 
  • Members of the Downtown Development Authority(DDA)/Main Street Board will make a Want/Don't Want list to represent the community's desires based on past discussions. It was concluded that such information was needed before hiring a designer or consultant. 
  • A discussion took place about whether or not to renovate the City-owned space at 90 North Avondale Road and to lease it to the DDA which would allow them to locate an appropriate tenant. 
  • The traffic at Laredo Drive, North Clarendon Avenue, and Parry Street was discussed. Avila Real Estate will be contacted to see if they have traffic data relating to this area and the idea of having the City obtain data on that intersection was discussed. 
  • The topic of building a dog park in the central business district was discussed but no consensus was reached. 
  • Agenda items regarding the creation of streetscape standards and a proposed town green were tabled. 
  • Listen to audio from this meeting here

 May 3, 2017 - Meeting Recap 

  • DDA/Main Street Board Chair, Sam Collier, and DDA Consultant David Burt presented a process map to attendees with a timeline and goals for developing the City-owned four acres in downtown. 
  • Burt facilitated a conversation about development concepts with a slide presentation. 
  • A Wants/Don't Want list was developed
  • A meeting was held with a Georgia Main Street staff member and City Planner Stevens about ideas for improving the facade and property of the building located at 90 North Avondale Road. 
  • The agenda items regarding a dog park was removed from the agenda. 
  • View the presentation from this meeting here
  • Listen to audio from this meeting here

June 12, 2017 - Meeting Recap 

  • The meeting was moderated by DDA/Main Street Board Chair Sam Collier. 
  • The 10 plan ideas for the City-owned four acres in downtown were on display. 
  • Volunteers took turns reading aloud the two-page summaries accompanying each submission. 
  • Attendees were asked to share their feedback with one another in pairs or small groups. 
  • Questionnaires for comments and feedback were distributed to attendees. 
  • There was a consensus to post plans, summaries, and an online survey to the City website. 
  • Next steps will be announced at the next special called work session. 

July 18, 2017 - Meeting Recap

  • DDA Consultant David Burt reviewed the process for how development ideas for the City-owned four acres were submitted as well as ways the public has been able to provide feedback.
  •  Burt compiled responses from the 110 surveys submitted into graphs. According to those responses, the most favored plan submitted is #9.
  • The BOMC members each discussed their preferences and concerns. Topics of discussion included parking, financing of improvements and whether or not to open or close Franklin Street.
  •  Burt recommended the BOMC read all the individual comments gathered and form their own lists for pros and cons using plan #9 as a model. Members of the BOMC agreed. 
  • Individual survey comments will be compiled, redacted for privacy and posted to the website. View Burt's presentation here. View the compiled survey results here

August 9, 2017 
  • Discussion of remaining issues
  • Final Board of Mayor and Commissioners vote on remaining issues
  • Adoption of Preliminary Development Framework and Scope of RFP for the four acres

September 6, 2017 
  • First Report of Implementation of Plan