City of Avondale Estates Tennis Courts


The City has two public tennis courts available at no charge. Reserve a court on the reservation calendar page here.

  1. The Tennis Courts at Willis Park are free and available to both residents and non-residents.
  2. Reservations for public courts one and two should be made at
  3. While reservations are not required, reservations should be respected and honored.
  4. Court reservations can made for no more than a 2-hour block and can be made no more than 2-weeks in advance.
  5. Reservations can only be made one at a time.  A second reservation can only be made after the first reservation time has passed.
  6. Reservations are made on the hour.
  7. If you have not claimed your court within 10 minutes of your reservation, someone else can use the court and you forfeit your time.
  8. Courts should only be reserved and utilized for tennis and pickleball activities.
  9. Teaching professionals/coaches who are charging for their lessons must have a business license from the City of Avondale Estates and must have an agreement with the City of Avondale to cover the use and maintenance of the courts.