Christmas and Holiday Spirit Awards

The Christmas Spirit Awards are presented annually before the Christmas holiday. The contest is open to all residences and businesses. 


Judges will be viewing decorations on residences, storefronts, building exteriors and display windows from a vehicle passing slowly or stopping in front. Judges will not leave the vehicle for close viewing of decorations.


  • Entrants must have their Christmas lights on by dusk.
  • Businesses and house numbers must be clearly marked for judges to see.
  • All decisions of the judges are official and final.

Judging Criteria

  • Animation
  • Attractive use of light and color
  • Creative display of theme
  • Entry and windows decor
  • Originality and creativity
  • Overall effect
  • Use of non-lighting decorations
  • Yard decoration

Award Categories

  • Avondale Elegance - Elegantly displayed decor in the yard and the home interior and exterior, as seen from the street; a Southern Living/Martha Stewart effect.
  • Business Award - For the most creative, original display of holiday cheer by a business.
  • Children’s Appeal - Decorations that children like the most.
  • Sparkle and Pizzazz - Homes with the most artistic and creative use of lights or animation.

Congratulations to the 2017 Christmas and Holiday Spirit Award Winners

Avondale Elegance

Joyner House - 14 Fairfield Drive - Avondale Elegance
Joyner Residence - 14 Fairfield Drive

Business Award

Garage Door Studio - Business
Garage Door Studio

Children's Appeal 

McDaniel House - 1166 Hess Drive Childrens AppealMcDaniel Residence - 1166 Hess Drive

Smith House - 1056 Viscount Court - Childrens Appeal
Smith Residence - 1056 Viscount Drive

Sparkle and Pizzazz

Skinner House - 867 Nottingham Drive - Sparkle and Pizzaz
Skinner Residence - 867 Nottingham Drive

Giager House - 1122 Berkeley Road - Sparkle and Pizzazz
Giager Residence - 1122 Berkeley Road

Hernandez and Watson - 19 Clarendon Avenue - Sparkle and Pizzaz
Hernandez and Watson Residence - 19 Clarendon Avenue

Hernandez and Watson - 19 Clarendon Avenue - Sparkle and Pizzaz
Vermillion Residence - 3049 Majestic Circle