Citizens Police Academy

In its continuing efforts to build a strong relationship with the community, the Avondale Estates Police Department regularly holds the Avondale Estates Citizens Police Academy. The program is similar to others across the country and is part of law enforcement’s Community Oriented Policing efforts to build bridges of understanding and partnerships between the community and the police.

When Classes Are Held
The Avondale Estates Citizens Police Academy is typically announced every January, with an application deadline in February. The Academy is usually conducted Tuesday evenings from 6:30 to 8:30 p.m. March through May.
A police car with balloons tied to it drives down the street
The classes are meant to give people a peek into the law enforcement world so they may achieve a better understanding of what, why and how police officers operate.

Class Topics
Each scheduled class is long enough to get a basic understanding of the topic being presented. Classes will consist of an instructional period followed by an application period with hands-on activities or role playing. The topics to be presented during the academy are listed as:
  • Week #1 - Incident Reporting
  • Week #2 - Investigations
  • Week #3 - Courts and the Law
  • Week #4 - Traffic Enforcement
  • Week #5 - Communications/911
  • Week #6 - Special Operations
  • Week #7 - Firearms and Use of Force
  • Week #8 - Graduation
Student Limits & Requirements
Due to the nature of the class, participation is limited to 20 persons who meet the following requirements:
  • At least 21 years old
  • No criminal record
  • Regular attendance-participate in at least six of the eight classes
  • Resident or owner of a business in the City of Avondale Estates
  • Submit to a criminal records check (if selected to attend)